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Anglesey Autofest CIC

We are exited to announce that we have now incorporated Anglesey Autofest as a CIC or community interest company therefore the Anglesey Autofest will be run by the company as an event and we also hope to hold more events on our beautiful island for the local community's 

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What does this mean 

Don't worry the event will carry on as in previous years with the same people behind it. Also with the same passion to make sure that it is an event that benefits locals. 

The main change is the way we help local charities and organisations as we have done in previous years with the Anglesey Autofest charitable fund. unfortunately we cannot give the profits from the show away in the same way anymore. but as a community interest company we will be providing help to as many local charities and organisations in any way we can either by help provide equipment or man power .

We are still early on in this process so once we are able to we will be available for charities and organisations to approach us and we will do all we can to support their projects or activities. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us anytime.


We aim to reply by email within 48hrs , if you are waiting a reply please check spam emails 

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